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With the beginning of 2020, the journal is updating our statement of scope to better reflect the forward-thinking position that the journal has maintained since its inception in 1974. We remain committed to both the foundations and frontiers of biogeography and dedicated to publishing the best across the breadth of biogeographical research, and want the scope to also reflect our enthusiasm about presenting for you the most influential, interesting, research that will shape the future of biogeography.

2020 SCOPE:

The Journal of Biogeography publishes research at the intersection of biology and geography that is scientifically important and of broad general interest. We seek papers describing patterns and revealing mechanisms that shape biodiversity, through time, throughout the planet, from the deep past into the future, and from local to global scales. Diverse approaches are encouraged—including ecological, evolutionary, genomic, geographic, empirical, theoretical—considering any aspect of biogeography, from molecules to ecosystems and from microbes to plants and megafauna. Through this broad and inclusive scope, we aim for papers that address understudied, vexing, and urgent questions, and that advance our basic understanding of the origins, distributions, and fates of life on Earth.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Biogeography should be original and innovative, concise, well written, rigorously analyzed and argued, and consequential. While many such studies will be multifaceted, comparative, and draw generalities, we also welcome exceptional case studies that illustrate particularly interesting deviations that, in their aggregate, shift preconceptions.

The Journal of Biogeography is edited and reviewed for the community by a team of practising biogeographers.  We support open data, accessibility to publish and read, and a constructive peer-review process.

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Contributing to the growth and societal relevance of the discipline of biogeography through dissemination of biogeographical research.

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