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Historically, the cover image of journals, including the Journal of Biogeography, was donated by the authors of an article published in that issue and chosen by the editors to highlight research that represented the breadth of the discipline and was of particular note. However, a number of years ago, the Journal of Biogeography unfortunately switched to a for-profit model: it began charging authors who were able and willing to pay for the placement of the cover image. This had multiple negative consequences. The cover image potentially became unequally accessible to the full diversity of biogeographers — and so ecosystems, organisms, and places. The cover image became less interesting, being replaced in multiple instances by a stock image of little relevance to biogeography. The cover image thus, in a short period of time, lost its value to the community.

It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we are able to announce that the journal is — as of November 2019 — resuming highlighting the best biogeography in each issue with an attractive author-contributed image, which will be featured free of charge. This is one of several ways that the journal is working harder to better support you as biogeographers and the community of which we all are a part.

As your articles are accepted for publication, we encourage and welcome your suggestions of images that meet the following specifications: 215 mm width , 162 mm height and 300 dpi resolution.

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