Invitation for applications: JBI Editorial Academy

The Journal of Biogeography is pleased to announce a new opportunity for Early Career Researchers: the Journal of Biogeography’s Editorial Academy.

The Editorial Academy is aimed to help early career biogeographers who are interested to learn more about the publishing process to gain experience with the guidance and support of an experienced mentor.

Editorial Academy members will be partnered one-to-one with a chief editor of the journal.  Academy members will have the same role as a regular member of the Editorial Board, but will work closely with the relevant chief editor throughout the process.  This partnership will illuminate decisions by the editorial team, give insight into the way a journal operation runs, and allow the academy member to explore their potential to become a full-fledged member of the editorial board.  The partnership will convey appropriate procedures and consistent standards of the journal.

Appointments to the Academy are for two years.  The workload will be for 4 manuscripts per year.  Academy members may then be invited to be a continuing member of the editorial board with at least a half-load (6 manuscripts per year) for up to 2 years.  

To be considered for appointment to the Editorial Academy, please submit the following materials as a single PDF:

1. Your CV, including contact information

2. A one page statement explaining:
     – Your interest in and qualifications for the position
               Applicants should have 
                    .. ≥3 years of postdoctoral (or equivalent) experience.
                    .. published ≥6 papers, of which at least half should be as first/corresponding/senior author
     – Your commitment to the discipline of biogeography
     – The role that being an Academy member will play in your development as a biogeographer
   – Your experience reviewing and, if appropriate, editing
   – Your philosophy on publishing, reviewing, and editing
   – Up to 8 keywords describing your disciplinary interests
     – The name of the chief editor(s) with whom you would prefer to be partnered.

Submit application: 01 August 2020
Decisions announced: 01 September 2020
Appointment begins: 01 October 2020 (negotiable)

Upload applications as a single PDF with the filename “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EditorialAcademy.pdf” only to: *upload only*

Address enquiries (Subject line: “Enquiry: Editorial Academy”) to the Editor-in-Chief at

JBI aims to foster inclusive science that reflects the disciplinary, human, and geographic diversity of biogeography and biogeographers. Submissions are welcomed from applicants of all ethnicities, races, colors, religions, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, disabilities, ages, or other individual status.

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