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Integrating geology, geography and genomics to study the coupled evolution of life and Earth.

Geogenomics is  an emerging field at the intersection of geology, geobiology, Earth system science, genomics, and higher-level biodiversity studies. Geogenomics employs genomic data to solve geologic problems or constrain geological hypotheses. Conversely, phylogenetics and phylogeography seek to use the geological record for understanding the diversification, spatial distribution, and origins of species and populations and for formulating diversification hypotheses. Progress in either direction relies upon reciprocal illumination between the disciplines.  As is the case in most cross-disciplinary scientific pursuits, each field understands its own nuances and uncertainties but presume  greater certainty in complementary fields, which is exacerbated on deep-time scales when uncertainty is high.  Landscape (and seascape) genomics also integrates genetic and environmental/landscape variation but on finer, more recent timescales when uncertainty is usually lower and more mechanistic integration is possible.  This  presents an interesting conundrum that beckons a truly unified approach at the convergence of these two scales, where strengths of each can be combined to inform the hypothesis-space and leverage a synergistic understanding of the dynamic, sometimes deterministic and sometimes stochastic, world.

We are organising a special issue in Journal of Biogeography to summarize the foundations, current status, and to shape the future of integrative geological, geographic, and genomic research.  We encourage multidisciplinary research teams and new ideas or approaches. This thematic issue intends to publish original and novel papers on the following research topics: geogenomics, geodiversity, biodiversity, geo-bio-informatics, phylogeography, geoecodynamics, biogeomorphology, landscape (& seascape) genetics and papers that intersect these fields in particular.

Contributions may be in any of the usual article formats at JBI.  1) Research Paper, 2) Methods and Tools, 3) Data, 4) Synthesis, 5) Perspective, 6) Commentary and 7) Correspondence.

Manuscripts should be submitted online via the “submit an Article” link on the journal’s homepage https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/13652699 until 30 September 2021.

Authors should indicate in the Cover Letter that the submission is directed to the Geogenomics Special Issue.

Accepted papers will be published online in Early View and later collated into the Special Issue.

All submissions are subject to peer review.

Papers will be full access for at least 2 months from the date of online publication.

Guest editors

Dr. Sherilyn Fritz – University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Dr. Anna Papadopoulou – University of Cyprus
Dr. Greer Dolby – Arizona State University
Dr. Paul Baker – Duke University
Dr. Camila Ribas – National Institute for Research in Amazonia

Keywords: geogenomics, geodiversity, biodiversity, phylogeography, biogeography, geoecodynamics, biogeomorphology, landscape genetics

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