RFP: Small grants for global colloquia in biogeography, 2022

The Journal of Biogeography invites applications for funding to facilitate one or more global colloquia.  The event may be stand-alone, or may be staged in association with a larger meeting, it may be in-person or virtual. The topic may be on any aspect of biogeography.  A goal of the colloquium should be to publish a synthesis paper and/or a series of papers that represent the range of topics discussed.

The Journal wishes these colloquia to become a regular activity that helps biogeographers develop, exchange, and explore ideas globally that advance biogeography through consolidation of fragmentary knowledge, synthesis across disciplines, and innovation.  Thus, the funds up to $4000 are offered by the journal primarily with the intention of facilitating involvement of people who might not otherwise be able to participate, or to stage an event that, because of its nature, draws in people of diverse backgrounds and with varied perspectives.   

The awardees will take care of all organization and are responsible to the journal only in terms of meeting any prior agreement on publication, promotion, and staging the proposed event.  The journal is responsible to the local committee only in terms of promoting the event via journal social media and providing the funding agreed. 

Proposals should take the following format (as a single PDF):

1. Title and description of the topical focus (e.g., early career conference, a regional focus, or a disciplinary focus). ≤0.5 page.

2. Relevance, context, and how the colloquium and publications therefrom will advance the discipline of biogeography. ≤0.5 page.

3. The target number of attendees, and distribution across career stages, countries of origin/habitation, gender. ≤0.5 page.

4. The proposed format: general organization (e.g. number of keynote speakers in plenary sessions, number of concurrent sessions, talks, posters). ≤0.5 page.

5. The actual dates and details of the colloquium: a) in-person/virtual, b) facilities/technology, c) list of organizers, d) list of committed participants. ≤0.5 page.

6. The uses of and substantial difference that will be made by the support from Journal of Biogeography. ≤0.5 page.

7. Outline of the proposed publications, which will first be submitted for consideration at Journal of Biogeography. ≤0.5 page.

8. Other budgetary considerations, partners, and obligations therein.

We aim to fund 1-2 symposia during the coming year.  Proposals on any subject in biogeography are welcome; in 2022, we encourage, but do not limit responses to this request for proposals, to colloquia exploring the following areas: Functional biogeography; Cross-scale biogeography & biodiversity (considering biological, spatial, and/or temporal hierarchies); Marine-terrestrial comparisons and contrasts (also with aerial, freshwater, and subterranean realms); Biogeography in the Anthropocene.

Submit proposals to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/RqqNgMxBZjb4uy6wRbUK *upload only*

The deadline for submissions is: 01 March 2022.  

Address enquiries (Subject line: “Enquiry: Journal of Biogeography Colloquia sponsorship”) to the Editor-in-Chief at mdawson@ucmerced.edu.

JBI aims to foster inclusive science that reflects the disciplinary, human, and geographic diversity of biogeography and biogeographers. Submissions are welcomed from applicants of all ethnicities, races, colors, religions, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, disabilities, ages, or other individual status.

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