ECR feature: Raquel Ponti de la Iglesia on shifts in migratory bird behaviour

Raquel is a postdoc at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Spain. She is a biogeographer and macroecologist with an interest in migratory birds. Raquel shares her recent work on historical shifts in the migratory behaviour of bird species that undergo Euro-African migrations. Personal links. Twitter | ResearchGate Institute. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC)Continue reading “ECR feature: Raquel Ponti de la Iglesia on shifts in migratory bird behaviour”

Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards

The Journal of Biogeography is pleased to announce the third of three new opportunities for Early Career Researchers: the Journal of Biogeography Innovation Awards. The Journal of Biogeography invites submissions of manuscript proposals (brief outlines of manuscripts yet to be prepared) by Early Career Researchers for consideration for publication and awards for innovation.   Proposals will beContinue reading “Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards”

The mystery of ‘low gear’ locomotion

Mouse-goats, ‘demons of the forest’, and other insular bovids have short and robust limbs. Why?  The ‘low gear’ hypothesis had never been tested until we decided to fill this gap with a quantitative investigation of the causal forces influencing the acquisition of this peculiar type of locomotion. Above: Skulls of a tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), aContinue reading “The mystery of ‘low gear’ locomotion”

ECR feature: Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo on guitarfish speciation

Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo is a postdoc at Flinders University. He is a phylogeographer that integrates molecular and ecological data to study the evolution of elasmobranchs. Jonathan shares his recent work on the cryptic lineages and speciation of guitarfish. Jonathan sampling elasmobranch tissue from artisanal fisheries. Jonathan visited over 30 artisanal fishery camps around the Gulf ofContinue reading “ECR feature: Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo on guitarfish speciation”

ECR feature: Amazonian trees with Vitor Gomes

Vitor H. F. Gomes is a postdoc affiliated with the Federal University of Pará, Instituto Tecnológico Vale, and Centro Universitário do Pará. Vitor studies the response of Amazonian tree species to global change, and is particularly interested in the effects of climate change and deforestation on species diversity and distribution. His recent work investigates theContinue reading “ECR feature: Amazonian trees with Vitor Gomes”

Introducing the Inaugural Editorial Academy

The new Editorial Academy at Journal of Biogeography is aimed to help early career biogeographers who are interested to learn more about the publishing process to gain experience with the guidance and support of an experienced mentor. We are delighted to announce the six inaugural members — Drs. Ricardo Correia, Qin Li, Tom Matthews, FilipaContinue reading “Introducing the Inaugural Editorial Academy”

ECR feature: Alpine treelines with Shalik R. Sigdel

Shalik is a postdoc at the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research. He an ecologist working in the Himalayas to understand how climate change might cause shifts in alpine treelines. Shalik shares his recent work on the combined influence of climate and intraspecific interactions on these treelines. Shalik collecting treeline data in the Manang valley, centralContinue reading “ECR feature: Alpine treelines with Shalik R. Sigdel”

Marooned on the Houtman Abrolhos

Within a global biodiversity hotspot, one of the highest latitude true coral reefs in the world, the oldest European structure in Australia, a rich and colourful marine environment, perhaps the most infamous murderous mutiny in marine history, intensive human destruction of habitat and still little known to the most of the world, the Houtman AbrolhosContinue reading “Marooned on the Houtman Abrolhos”

ECR feature: Vicente García-Navas on diversification in dasyurid marsupials

Vicente is an evolutionary ecologist and is currently a postdoc at the University of Zurich. He is largely interested in patterns of lineage diversity and eco-morphologies. Vicente shares his recent work on the interplay between competition, divergence time, and geographic range overlap on the diversification of dasyurid marsupials in Australia. Name. Vicente García-Navas Personal links.Continue reading “ECR feature: Vicente García-Navas on diversification in dasyurid marsupials”

ECR feature: Edmund Basham on tree-top frogs

Edmund Basham is a community ecologist and biogeographer who is currently studying toward his PhD at the University of Florida. He has deep love and interest in the frog communities of tropical rainforests. Edmund shares his recent research on the seasonal shifts and vertical stratification of tree-dwelling frog species in Panama. Personal links. Instagram |Continue reading “ECR feature: Edmund Basham on tree-top frogs”