ECR feature: Bird migration behavior with Paul Dufour

Paul Dufour spotting and counting large groups of shorebirds that overwinter and migrate through the bay of Dakhla in the Western Sahara (photo credit: Boris Delahaie). Links: Research Gate | Flickr Institution: Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine – Grenoble, France Current academic life stage: PhD Research interests: Understanding the evolution of migration behavior in birds and itsContinue reading “ECR feature: Bird migration behavior with Paul Dufour”

Introducing: Featured Researchers

The Journal of Biogeography aims to support early career researchers by highlighting their recently published journal articles and providing a space where the community can get to know the authors behind the works and learn from their publication experiences. In our featured posts, researchers dive into the motivations, challenges, and highlights behind their recent papers,Continue reading “Introducing: Featured Researchers”