How to write a (great) Perspective article

Like many journals, Journal of Biogeography (JBI) provides a specific forum for researchers to put forward new ideas (or dismantle old ones). In JBI, this article type is the Perspective. Our Author Guidelines state that Perspective papers “should be stimulating and reflective essays providing personal perspectives on key research fields and issues within biogeography”. AcrossContinue reading “How to write a (great) Perspective article”

Synthesis, Perspective, Commentary: A call to all authors!

Biogeography is a rapidly moving research area that intersects with many other scientific disciplines and contemporary environmental issues. Moreover, the biogeographic literature is diverse, scattered across disciplinary journals and continually expanding. Making sense of this ever-changing landscape of scientific discourse is challenging, but can be greatly facilitated by accessible and readable synthesis and discussion articles.Continue reading “Synthesis, Perspective, Commentary: A call to all authors!”

RFP for Special Issue in Geogenomics

Integrating geology, geography and genomics to study the coupled evolution of life and Earth. Geogenomics is  an emerging field at the intersection of geology, geobiology, Earth system science, genomics, and higher-level biodiversity studies. Geogenomics employs genomic data to solve geologic problems or constrain geological hypotheses. Conversely, phylogenetics and phylogeography seek to use the geological recordContinue reading “RFP for Special Issue in Geogenomics”

First JBI Global Colloquium: “Towards a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity-geodiversity relationships”

Geodiversity – the abiotic diversity of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and sub-surface, comprising geology, soils, hydrology, climate, landforms, and their interaction – is increasingly recognised as a crucial component of the natural world, and a key element of the “conserving nature’s stage” approach to conservation. Interest in the relationships between biodiversity and geodiversity has grownContinue reading “First JBI Global Colloquium: “Towards a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity-geodiversity relationships””

JBI Annual Report on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

An increased awareness of systemic bias in institutions requires that we all examine the practices in which we participate. Around the turn of 2020, the Journal of Biogeography (JBI) began considering initiatives to promote opportunities for researchers currently underrepresented in biogeography, a discussion that continued throughout the year, and will go on for some timeContinue reading “JBI Annual Report on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion”

Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards

The Journal of Biogeography is pleased to announce the third of three new opportunities for Early Career Researchers: the Journal of Biogeography Innovation Awards. The Journal of Biogeography invites submissions of manuscript proposals (brief outlines of manuscripts yet to be prepared) by Early Career Researchers for consideration for publication and awards for innovation.   Proposals will beContinue reading “Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards”

Introducing the Inaugural Editorial Academy

The new Editorial Academy at Journal of Biogeography is aimed to help early career biogeographers who are interested to learn more about the publishing process to gain experience with the guidance and support of an experienced mentor. We are delighted to announce the six inaugural members — Drs. Ricardo Correia, Qin Li, Tom Matthews, FilipaContinue reading “Introducing the Inaugural Editorial Academy”

Small grants for global colloquia in biogeography

The Journal of Biogeography is pleased to announce the second of three new opportunities. The Journal of Biogeography invites applications for funding to facilitate one or more global colloquia.  The event may be stand-alone, or may be staged in association with a larger meeting, it may be in-person or virtual. The topic may be on any aspect ofContinue reading “Small grants for global colloquia in biogeography”

Figures: the Art of Science

How to prepare figures to make an impression on editors, reviewers, and readers. Figures are, perhaps not quite literally, worth a thousand words, but they are invaluable: try explaining in text all the details in anything but the most basic image. Yet a reasonable fraction of manuscripts submitted to Journal of Biogeography (JBI) contain tooContinue reading “Figures: the Art of Science”

Three new initiatives at JBI

In addition to providing a choice venue for publishing the full range of biogeographical research, the Journal of Biogeography (JBI) has also long supported our scientific community in other ways too, e.g. organizing workshops for early career researchers (ECRs) to demistify the publishing process, funding symposia and special issues, providing travel grants to meetings, andContinue reading “Three new initiatives at JBI”