#PorUnMejorModeloDePublicación @jbiogeography: I

Como resultado de la #HuelgaLaboral de los #EditoresAsociados en @jbiogeography, Wiley, la entidad editorial de la revista, se apresuró a emitir una réplica ampliamente displicente que desembocó en la dimisión de la Editora Jefa Ceridwen Fraser. Hemos invitado a Wiley a revisar su respuesta, sin que esto haya ocurrido finalmente. Como consecuencia, el cuerpo editorialContinue reading “#PorUnMejorModeloDePublicación @jbiogeography: I”

#EditoresAsociados continúan la #HuelgaLaboral @jbiogeography

Las respuestas de Wiley durante el mes pasado han vuelto a desechar las constantes preocupaciones del cuerpo editorial. Su respuesta más reciente a los editores sigue textualmente a continuación, la cual interpretamos. Comentario de la Vicepresidenta del Grupo, Entidad Editorial, Wiley: Estaba de vacaciones, de ahí la respuesta tardía.  Interpretación / respuesta: No comentamos lasContinue reading “#EditoresAsociados continúan la #HuelgaLaboral @jbiogeography”

#EditoresAsociados #HuelgaLaboral @jbiogeography

Una gran mayoría (~85%) de los Editores Asociados que componen Journal of Biogeography (JBI) han secundado el paro laboral iniciado el 29 de junio de 2023, con motivo de un conflicto sin resolver con la entidad editorial de la revista, Wiley. Sus reivindicaciones radican en la inequidad del sistema de publicación Open Access, en metasContinue reading “#EditoresAsociados #HuelgaLaboral @jbiogeography”

11th Hour talks fail, #AssociateEditors #Resigned, @jbiogeography

Deputy editors-in-chief at the Journal of Biogeography (JBI) set up an 11th hour meeting with Wiley trying to resolve the two-month ongoing dispute about affordability, equity, and editorial independence. Initial reports are that the talks failed. The pending mass resignation of the remaining associate editors takes effect. This blog and related twitter accounts have beenContinue reading “11th Hour talks fail, #AssociateEditors #Resigned, @jbiogeography”

#AssociateEditors #WorkStoppage @jbiogeography continues

Wiley’s responses over the past month have continued to dismiss the long-standing concerns of the editorial board. Their most recent response to the board is paraphrased and interpreted below. Statement by the Group Vice President, Publishing, Wiley: I was on holiday, hence the belated response.  Interpretation / response: We don’t begrudge anyone vacation, but fourContinue reading “#AssociateEditors #WorkStoppage @jbiogeography continues”

#BetterPublishing @jbiogeography: I

In response to the #Workstoppage by #AssociateEditors of @jbiogeography, the journal’s management at Wiley rapidly issued a largely dismissive reply that resulted in the resignation of deputy editor-in-chief Ceridwen Fraser. We invited Wiley to provide a revised response, but received none. As a consequence, the editorial board has compiled our concerns and called for aContinue reading “#BetterPublishing @jbiogeography: I”

#AssociateEditors #WorkStoppage @jbiogeography

A large majority (~85%) of the Associate Editors at the Journal of Biogeography (JBI) is participating in a work stoppage, beginning immediately (29th June 2023) because of an unresolved dispute with the journal’s publisher, Wiley. Their concerns center on inequity in Open Access publication models, unrealistic targets for growth, increasing emphasis on transferring rejected manuscriptsContinue reading “#AssociateEditors #WorkStoppage @jbiogeography”

#ChiefEditor #Resign @jbiogeography

After almost four years as Editor-in-Chief with the Journal of Biogeography, I have decided to step down. For the most part, these have been four productive years. We did a lot (see “accomplishments” below), working with a truly tremendous team of editors, and good support at the time from our colleagues at Wiley. But thereContinue reading “#ChiefEditor #Resign @jbiogeography”

JBI Global Colloquium: Rethinking dispersal-related traits

Dispersal is a key process to study ecological and evolutionary aspects of biodiversity, such as species richness, geographical distribution, adaptation, and speciation. Researchers often rely on functional traits as proxies for the dispersal process, but the mechanistic link between trait and dispersal is not often clear. Furthermore, these traits vary among and within taxa andContinue reading “JBI Global Colloquium: Rethinking dispersal-related traits”

RFP: Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards, 2022

The Journal of Biogeography invites submissions of manuscript proposals (brief outlines of manuscripts yet to be prepared) by Early Career Researchers for consideration for publication and awards for innovation.   Proposals will be considered in three categories of article:     – Perspectives and Syntheses     – Original research     – Methods (For more information, see https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/13652699/homepage/forauthors.html) Proposals on any subjectContinue reading “RFP: Journal of Biogeography Innovation (JBI) Awards, 2022”