Figures: the Art of Science

How to prepare figures to make an impression on editors, reviewers, and readers. Figures are, perhaps not quite literally, worth a thousand words, but they are invaluable: try explaining in text all the details in anything but the most basic image. Yet a reasonable fraction of manuscripts submitted to Journal of Biogeography (JBI) contain tooContinue reading “Figures: the Art of Science”

Three new initiatives at JBI

In addition to providing a choice venue for publishing the full range of biogeographical research, the Journal of Biogeography (JBI) has also long supported our scientific community in other ways too, e.g. organizing workshops for early career researchers (ECRs) to demistify the publishing process, funding symposia and special issues, providing travel grants to meetings, andContinue reading “Three new initiatives at JBI”

Invitation for applications: JBI Editorial Academy

The Journal of Biogeography is pleased to announce a new opportunity for Early Career Researchers: the Journal of Biogeography’s Editorial Academy. The Editorial Academy is aimed to help early career biogeographers who are interested to learn more about the publishing process to gain experience with the guidance and support of an experienced mentor. Editorial AcademyContinue reading “Invitation for applications: JBI Editorial Academy”

Structured Abstracts

The Journal of Biogeography uses a structured abstract. Here are a few pointers on how to write one that will delight editors, reviewers, and readers. Although less common that its counterpart the single paragraph prose-style abstract, the structured abstract has several benefits. One is that it helps readers find the key information that describes aContinue reading “Structured Abstracts”

Editors’ Choice

Chosen by all. Free for everyone. The Journal of Biogeography has for many years featured an “Editor’s Choice” article in each issue: a contribution considered to represent a particularly interesting facet or matter of broad interest. While the increased profile has been beneficial, one of the downsides of this process has been that the articleContinue reading “Editors’ Choice”

Our Social Media

Increasing the reach of your biogeographical research is a key element of the modern publication process. The Journal of Biogeography established its presence on Twitter (@JBiogeography) about three years ago, during past-Editor-in-Chief Peter Linder’s tenure and rapidly became an important outlet for sharing announcements about new ‘early view’ publications. As of the writing of thisContinue reading “Our Social Media”

Introducing: Journal News

The research being conducted and the media for sharing findings change through time. In the past decade, these changes have been particularly rapid, as the technology available for measuring the world and for publishing papers have each gone through multiple step changes. The journal is adapting to these changes in service of our research community.Continue reading “Introducing: Journal News”

JBI: Scope

With the beginning of 2020, the journal is updating our statement of scope to better reflect the forward-thinking position that the journal has maintained since its inception in 1974. We remain committed to both the foundations and frontiers of biogeography and dedicated to publishing the best across the breadth of biogeographical research, and want theContinue reading “JBI: Scope”