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The Journal of Biogeography publishes research at the intersection of biology and geography that is scientifically important and of broad general interest. We seek papers describing patterns and revealing mechanisms that shape biodiversity, through time, throughout the planet, from the deep past into the future, and from local to global scales.

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RFP for Special Issue in GEOGENOMICS

Integrating geology, geography and genomics to study the coupled evolution of life and Earth. Geogenomics is  an emerging field at the intersection of geology, geobiology, Earth system science, genomics, and higher-level biodiversity studies. Geogenomics employs genomic data to solve geologic problems or constrain geological hypotheses. Conversely, phylogenetics and phylogeography seek to use the geological recordContinue reading “RFP for Special Issue in GEOGENOMICS”

First JBI Global Colloquium: “Towards a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity-geodiversity relationships”

Geodiversity – the abiotic diversity of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and sub-surface, comprising geology, soils, hydrology, climate, landforms, and their interaction – is increasingly recognised as a crucial component of the natural world, and a key element of the “conserving nature’s stage” approach to conservation. Interest in the relationships between biodiversity and geodiversity has grownContinue reading “First JBI Global Colloquium: “Towards a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity-geodiversity relationships””

Miocene diversification of mountain loaches

How ancient river systems, geological barriers and climatic changes in the Western Ghats influenced speciation of balitorid loaches Of the many endemic and evolutionarily distinct freshwater fish lineages of the Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot, the mountain loach genus Bhavania comprises a biogeographically fascinating group. Its morphological similarities to the sucker-loaches of Indo-China and Sunda IslandsContinue reading “Miocene diversification of mountain loaches”

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“The branch of biology that deals with the geographical distribution of plants and animals. Also: the characteristics of an area or organism in this respect.”

Oxford English Dictionary

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