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The Journal of Biogeography publishes research at the intersection of biology and geography that is scientifically important and of broad general interest. We seek papers describing patterns and revealing mechanisms that shape biodiversity, through time, throughout the planet, from the deep past into the future, and from local to global scales.

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ECR Feature: Felipe Vieira de Freitas on bee diversity

Felipe is a postdoc at Washington State University. He uses phylogenetics to study the evolution of bees. Felipe shares his recent work on the origins and unusual antitropical diversity of Eucerinae bees. (left) Collecting bees in the Atacama Desert – Chile. (right) At the USDA bee lab in Utah, trying to understand the protocols forContinue reading “ECR Feature: Felipe Vieira de Freitas on bee diversity”

ECR feature: Waleska Elizangela dos Santos Barbosa

Waleska Barbosa is a PhD student at the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, Brazil. She is an ecologist interested in the evolutionary history of Amazonian birds. Here, Waleska shares her recent work on species historical demography and habitat associations along Amazonian floodplains. Waleska Barbosa on the observation tower at the Amazonian Museum (MuseuContinue reading “ECR feature: Waleska Elizangela dos Santos Barbosa”

Aridification-driven evolution: Three lineages, two data sets, one story

We tested the hypothesis that aridification of Australia during the Pleistocene promoted the isolation and divergence of three lineages of a migratory fish. We found support for this using an integrative framework of environmental and genomic modelling. Above: Golden perch, Macquaria ambigua. Photo credit: Peter Unmack. The Australian landscape has not always been so arid.Continue reading “Aridification-driven evolution: Three lineages, two data sets, one story”

Will Geogenomics change the future of Phylogeography?

Phylogeography is celebrating its 35th birthday; Geogenomics its 8th. We asked authors of papers in a recent special section of Journal of Biogeography to reflect on how these two approaches can increase our understanding of the distributions of genetic diversity. Above: Cover for the Geogenomics virtual issue . Biogeography is an integrative discipline, as isContinue reading “Will Geogenomics change the future of Phylogeography?”

Ecological traits matter

Differences in dispersal abilities and habitat specialization determine the postglacial range expansion of three high-elevation plants Above: Steep limestone cliffs in the Pre-Pyrenees, a glacial refugium for the study species. When I first visited the Pyrenees as a child from the Mediterranean lowlands, I got fascinated by the accordion-like folded landscape, the green and denseContinue reading “Ecological traits matter”

ECR feature: Leilton Willians Luna

Leilton W. Luna is a postdoc at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a biologist with a broad interest in how species adapt, diversify, and become extinct. Here, Leilton shares his recent work on birds of the Amazonian floodplains. Leilton Luna doing research or just having fun bird watching. Personal links. Twitter | Personal websiteContinue reading “ECR feature: Leilton Willians Luna”

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“The branch of biology that deals with the geographical distribution of plants and animals. Also: the characteristics of an area or organism in this respect.”

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